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Objectif : Une double valorisation

Reconnexion émotionnelle à votre intérieur, retrouvez cette sensation de bien-être et de satisfaction. Soyez-en fier car c'est le vôtre et il est unique.

Valorisez votre bien grâce à l'intervention d'artistes cotés et valorisés sur le marché de l'art et suivez la progression de leur parcours !


Why do we talk about murals?

For consumers and interior design firms, this involves the creation of an artistic work directly integrated into the wall surface, executed by an artist whose current reputation ensures its value appreciation.

It's a concept parallel to that of an art gallery at home, where the ownership of the artwork is directly linked to its heritage possession, aligning with the original and fundamental principles of art, namely sharing and transmission. The artwork, passing from owner to owner over time, sees its appropriation become only temporary, and it is understood that we appreciate the value of a property more if, by definition, its contemplation and ownership are directly time-limited

During the few minutes you spend with us, you will have the chance to see the creations of real artists who today have visibility on the art market and value among galleries. Sculptor, ceramic painter, stencil artist with abstract, pop art, galactic, plant and animal universes, made of construction and deconstruction...

Exhibited in some of the most prominent galleries today (Galleries Bartoux, Lelia Mordoch, Redwood Art Group, Signature Fine Art, and many others), they will ensure that your walls appreciate in value over the years, accompanying the progress of the respective artist

Access to
listed artists

Respect for their artistic freedom

This is why at Muravista we promote their work in such a way as to maintain this enthusiasm and this reason for working for them: two creative axes will be offered to you for each model (1 piece = 1 model) but no modification will be possible on the latter , just as it will not be possible to request several quotes for several artists.

We wouldn't imagine going into a gallery and asking the artist for a touch-up on one of his paintings or even asking the gallery owner the price of each of these paintings, and in this case it is the same thing. 

Let's not hide it, this is the most important stage of the project, the one where the universe and the creation take shape which will literally transform your interior. 100% realistic rendering simulation of your revisited interior, fusion of the inspirations that you will have retained from your artist and the photos of your interior that you will have sent to us when requesting a quote. 

The model
as a crystal ball