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Trend of #


* Home Wall Art

Chambre 1-6 KANOS.jpg

Trend that appeared in the early 2000s on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean
and which highlights
the transformation of its interior into a true personal art gallery.

She embodies this fusion between artistic expression and the home, creating an environment where wall art becomes an integral part of daily life and where it becomes so easy
to flourish.

salon cathedral 32-2.jpg
Salon 6-STEW.jpg

A context
like ramp
and a panel of exceptional artists

The increase in activities
since the successive confinements.




living-room-interior-design-8142895 -ISTRAILLE BD.jpg
ceiling-5190251 OGRINGO.jpg


Increased attraction to art for many who sought to reconnect with themselves during this period of restrictions.






Reinforced digitalization of individuals with the need fore stay in touch with loved ones in a period of withdrawal.




Chambre 2-7.jpg
salon 3 grapf 3.jpg

Hyper-connectivity of artists : with increasing visibility which has gradually redefined their imageage of protesters to integrate into the common culture




So, ready to embark on this unique adventure!


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