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A model
it's moving on from that...

The mock-up stage is of course done from the elements transmitted during the quote request and during our brief call. They will represent 90% of the creation which will be applied during the service at your home.


Why 90%? because the creation of a work involves the inspiration of the moment, which complements and enhances the model produced upstream.

Sending of a brochure
in PDF format

​1/Creations "flat" of each surfacee treated mural.

​2/ Putting each creation into perspective (or Mock-up)
visuals transmitted.

It is THE element which will allow you to project yourself into a simulation with a 100% realistic rendering of your revisited interior, a fusion of the inspirations that you will have retained from your artist and the photos of your interior that you will have sent to us at the time of the quote request.  ;

Let's not hide it, it's the most important stage of the project, the one where the universe and the creation that will literally transform your interior take shape.

A package per room to accurately quantify your needs and two creative axes proposed for each of them, you will then have the hardest task: choosing one of the two!

"Concretely, it is a service that allows youIt will be possible to validate the desired final result before the service and to see the specter of stress recede."


For this you will receive a brochurere in PDF format of creations by piece (in perspective and flat) which will allow you to project yourself into your interior and immerse yourself in the universe set up, especially for you. 

“When we saw what it would look like in the end... we were even more excited to see the work come to life in our home!”



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